Changelog: What’s New with Film Recipes?

To show what’s new, which recipes are coming and which pages have changed, I’ve started a changelog, so you can see what’s going on. You can also keep up to date with new recipes on the Film Recipes Facebook Group.

A summary of how things are going;

  • There are now 204 film recipes published, 22 more ready, and prepared in draft, another 50+ photographed and waiting for me to do the write-up, and 20+ new ideas in testing, some of which will become new recipes in time.
  • Is the app ready yet? No, but I hope to share news soon.
  • Current challenge recipe: Childhood Vacation

🌊 Let’s get creative in this new round of The Film Recipes Challenge 🏄 The recipe is the burned and faded look, Childhood Vacation, which loves to be over exposed. Try some images and share a selection in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. Open to everyone, until end of 8th June. Tag #childhoodvacation ☀️

The most recent film recipes and pages added to the site;


Progress on new recipes and other updates;

Newest things are at the top.

2023 updates.

  • The user photo gallery for the Classic Print challenge is now ready. Take a look at all the wonderful images shared by our readers.
  • Almost at another milestone, with One-Nine-Nine, recipe no. 199 added to the site.
  • It’s time for a new challenge, so let’s give Natural Astia a try, and bring sume bright beautiful colour to our galleries.
  • I’ve been trying out mono shooting recently, and I’ve added some new image samples to teh Monographic film recipe page.
  • Here’s a wonderful guest recipe; Re-Analog by our friend Marcel Fraij.
  • Here’s a really fun recipe, Olympus Trip 35, based on images taken using an old rangefinder pocket camera.
  • I’ve added some new images to the Cineplus film recipe page.
  • Another choice for the Spring and Summer, Cinematic Aquarius is an Eterna look that loves greens.
  • Here’s the new Explorer’s Cinematic user gallery with images from our recent film recipe challenge.
  • Here’s my second Velvia film recipe, Lente Bok, a spring special film recipe for the colourful spring season.
  • For May the 4th, Endor, a green enhancing recipe for capturing the explosion of life in the Spring and Summer.
  • Recipe 193 is a new guest recipe, and this one is awesome … take a look at Tomas Derner’s Classic Negative.
  • I revisited my original Kodak Gold film recipe and added some new images. It’s so versatile, I love it.
  • Here comes recipe no. 192 … Kodak Portra Urban, a variation of Kodak Portra recipes tuned for the hard light of bright days in the city.
  • Let’s start a new round of our Film Recipes Challenge with Classic Print. You have two weeks to shoot and share with this Classic Negative look.
  • We’re closing in on 200 with recipe no. 191, Hiking Buddy. This is a bright and colourful daytime recipe with Astia for a bright look.
  • I’m excited to share a new guest film recipe with you, Bright Daze, a sunny day Astia recipe by Darren Urda.
  • Here’s a new take on the Fujifilm look, Classic Print, like those packs of prints you used to get back from the photo store.
  • Technicolor Dream is my new recipe with a vibrant blast of purple for vibrant sunsets and fun tones in sunny conditions.
  • The new round of our Film Recipes challenge has started. It’s time to go out and find a new place to shoot with Explorer’s Cinematic.
  • A new recipe with metallic muted tones, Titanium, has been added to the site.
  • Added some sunny weather samepls to the Forest Ranger recipe page.
  • The Easter Triple Pack is here! Kodacolor Ambience, Fujicolor Ambience and Natural Ambience are now available.
  • I added some photos to the Kodak Ektar page from a walk I took today.
  • Before I release the Easter triple pack, here’s a wonderful recipe for a warm ‘gold’ look in sunny conditions and the softer light of magic hour … Fujicolor Gold is a hybrid of the Kodak Gold and Fujicolor negtive looks.
  • I have an Easter treat coming soon, in the form of a recipe tripe pack.
Fujicolor Ambience
Kodacolor Ambience
Natural Ambence
Milestone film recipe
  • I’ve been busy creating new recipes, and I have just added Explorer’s Cinematic to the site. Take a look.
  • Added a few new images to the Kodak Portra Grainy film recipe page.
  • Soft tones mono photography? No problem with Soft Acros, my new film recipe for a gentle and forgiving mono shots in a softer style. Take a look.
  • I’m sorry to say that I’ve had to pause work on the app. The tool I used becomes very expensive if the app becomes popular, so I will try and find an alternative that I can afford.
  • It’s been a busy few weeks of work for me, but I am always happy to gather up the entries from our challenge. Here is the Heart of Gold User Gallery from the most recent round.
  • Another new recipe is ready. Take a look at Waldorf Astia, a film like recipe in the New American Color style.
  • I love Eterna, and this new film recipe is all about theis soft and cinematic film simulation … Eternal Love is now live on the site.
  • It’s time for a new challenge. For our readers anf Facebook group members, let’s shoot with Flatpack film recipe, and try out the low contrast film-like style.
  • The site is coming up to it’s first anniversay, which is exciting, but also means that I’ve had to pay my fees to keep things running and keep the domain name registered. As a result, I’m going to begin introducing a limited amount of ad slots on the pages. I’ll try and keep these to a sensible level so that all the content remains easy to access, like it is now. An example is shown above.
  • Done some admin and added pages for Astia Film Recipes and Pro Neg Film Recipes, as well as an update to The Shortlist of my personal favourites.
  • A punchy recipe for gloomy days – Ultra Color 200 is a top choice when the sun doesn’t shine
  • So excitied to share this one… the Kodachrome Classic user gallery is now available to view.
  • Added a new film like recipe, Flatpack, for a low contrast matte look.
  • A new Film Recipes Challenge has started – shoot and share with the new Heart of Gold film recipe.
  • Enjoy sunsets with the Heart of Gold film recipe, designed for a cinematic look in the golden hour
  • The Pale Ale film recipe is ready, just in time for the weekend. Cheers!
  • It’s probably still a while away, but I’ve ben preparing more recipes for the upcoming Film Recipes phone app.
  • Capture a vintage lens look with the new Xylochrome film recipe with maximum negative clarity.
  • A bit overdue, I have refreshed the selection of image on the Popular Recipes page, with the latest recipes getting the most visits.
  • The Age of Aquarius user gallery is now published, with a selection of the wonderful images submitted during the recent challange round.
  • Super soft for a low contrast look, Outdoor Cinema is an Eterna recipe for a cinematic style on photo walks.
  • A new round of the Film Recipes Challenge has started! Let’s have fun with Kodachrome Classic film recipe.
  • Want to shoot with a Nostalgic Negative feel? Try Vintage Astia, now published on the site.
  • The third of my winter Bleach Bypass recipe is Wychwood Pale, now available on the site.
  • I’m going to publish 3 Bleach Bypass recipes for winter, and this is the second one … Aquamarine, with a watery pale blue tone.
  • Took new images for the Agfachrome Cool film recipe page.
  • Silver Slate is a new recipe, made with Bleach Bypass with a pale mineral tone that reminds me of Welsh slate.
  • Been working on the app quite a bit. Soon I’ll have to decide on where/how to launch it.
  • I’m running a bit behind, but at last I have added the Kodak Pro Image user gallery, with wonderful shots from site readers.
  • I’ve added new image samples on the Kodachrome Classic page to show the recipe in more situations.
  • I’ve started work on a Film Recipes app that will allow you to keep the library of film recipes with you on your phone.
  • A new instant camera look, Quartz 400 has been published.
  • Here’s a new Classic Chrome for you … Cineplus film recipe .. take a look.
  • It’s February, and time for a new round of the Film Recipes Challenge. This time, we’re shooting with Age of Aquarius film recipe.
  • I’ve written up 5 recipes for release in the coming days & weeks
  • In a spurt of industriousness, I’ve added three new recipes to the site! Each has a distinct aesthetic for creative photography.
  • For a natural look with Pro Neg Hi, the Au Natural film recipe has been released.
  • I’ve added another seasonal recipe, Winter Eterna, with soft tones for capturing winter landscapes in the soft sunlight of the shorter months.
  • Lemon & lime tones wash through the images taken with my latest recipe, Citric Acid, using Bleach Bypass
  • The Mellow Magic user gallery is now published, featuring your images from the Film Recipes Challenge.
  • Added a few more samples to the Deep Forest film recipe page.
  • A Classic Chrome recipe this time … Kodak Pro Image has been added to the site.
  • 6 months in the making, Catch 22 film recipe is added to the site.
  • The homepage recipe list had grown over 100 recipes again, so I removed some less visited choices to bring some old favourites back into the listing. The full list is always available on the A-Z film recipes index.
  • Work is busy for me right now, but I wrote up a new recipe this evening for release soon.
  • I managed to get myself blocked from some FujiFilm themed Facebook groups for promoting this web site. That was a bit unfortunate!
  • Driftwood is my latest recipe, devised for winter, but great wherever want to present a creams and drowns palette.
  • The weather is dull here, so let’s have a bright and cheerful recipe … the Astia recipe, Arboria, is full of happy natural colour.
  • Take a look at the amazing images in the Vinter Challenge Gallery.
  • Our first challenge of 2023 is now running, with Mellow Magic as the feature recipe.
  • First recipe for 2023 is Age of Aquarius, with Classic Negative.

2022 updates.

  • Published two excellent guest recipes, Melatonin, by Grant Teng and Chromance, by Tobias Gruber.
  • Recipe 150 is now published. UB40 is a natural tone Bleach Bypass recipe for a striking look with deep tone and mid saturation.
  • Here’s a recipe with character … Mellow Magic, has a nostlagic feel, but keeps a highly usable natural colour tone.
  • Wrote up another recipe, and added some winter photos to the page for Diamond White.
  • It’s certainly about time I made this … Film Recipes for Winter.
  • Let’s have fun with squares .. the Polaroid 66 recipe is now live.
  • Added new image samples to Retrochrome and Natural Standard.
  • Prepared another two film receipe write-ups including my choice for recipe 150 to be released soon.
  • Here’s a wonderful & seasonal guest recipe: Winter Magic, by Tobias Gruber. It’s a Classic Negative designed for the snow, but with lots to love for all conditions.
  • Updated the Aerocolor Lomo film recipe page, the Soft Cinnamon film recipe page, and the Easy Going film recipe page with some winter photo examples.
  • Wrote up two new recipe drafts to release shortly.
  • Get your glow on, with Uranium Glow film recipe.
  • It’s time to take a tour of our reader photos once again. The Mother Superia user gallery is now ready to view.
  • Jorrvaskr film recipe has been published. It’s a winter ready, pale tones recipe with Pro Neg Standard. It’s based on a Skyrim look, but great for Planet Earth too!
  • The last challenge of the year is underway. Shoot with Vinterskog or Vinterkrom and share your images in the FB group or recipe comments. Have fun!
  • With a similar look to Vinterskog, I’ve added Vinterkrom to the site, which is based on Classic Chrome.
  • I’m really excited to share this new recipe … Vinterskog, inspired by Swedish winter forests and the work of Catrine Sandberg.
  • Warm and nostalgic, the Old West film recipe, brings a look inspired by old westerns.
  • It’s been cold here, with some frosty mornings. I’ve been busy shooting lots of images for upcoming recipes with a winter theme.
  • Happy weekend … here’s Afternoon Delight, a Classic Negative film recipe made for shooting in the afternoon light.
  • An everyday mono recipe that’s great for landscapes? Here’s my latest recipe, Kodachrome Mono.
  • A soft tones Classic Chrome with muted colour, Chromium 44 has been published.
  • The spectacular user submissions for the Silvertone 99 challenge has now been published.
  • The December challenge has started, and it’s Mother Superia, a film inspired classic negative recipe that loves all weathers and seasons.
  • Updated the Agfacolor recipe page with new image samples to better show the versatility of this recipe.
  • Inspired to produce a golden look for older sensors, I’ve created Velvia Dream film recipe, adapted from Dreamland.
  • Dreamland is my latest film recipe. It’s warm, cosy and soft.
  • Just when you thought I might run out of ideas, I have created five new recipes in X RAW Studio for release in the coming weeks
  • A special offer for Black Friday, a mono recipe with deep blacks and sophisticated mid tones that I call … Black Friday 🖤
  • Back to the 60’s with Vintage Kodachrome film recipe for my take on the classic Kodachrome II style.
  • Just in time for the weekend, Fujicolor Daily film recipe.
  • Fixed an error in the listed settings for Monographic
  • It’s time for something different, the Mono Moonlight film recipe is now published for a full moon effect.
  • The user photo gallery is up for the Copper challenge. We had a record submission and so many lovely images.
  • The new Film Recipes Challenge has started! The new feature recipe is Silvertone 99 monotone recipe, with a deadline of 30th Nov.
  • Golden tones with a retro feel are the star of new recipe, Whakamuri, which is now live on the site.
  • Just in time for the weekend, Easy Going has been added to the site.
  • The new recipe Parklife has been added to the site.
  • Kodak themed recipes are popular amongst Film Recipe fans, and I’m always working on something in this style. To whet your appetite for the coming months, here are six (yes 6!) that are in development at the moment …
Kodacolor Ambience upcoming recipe
Kodachrome Mono upcoming recipe
Kodak ProImage upcoming recipe
Kodak Portra Urban upcoming recipe
Kodachrome 60s upcoming recipe
Vintage Kodachrome upcoming recipe
  • This is wonderful … take a look at Autumn Vibe, a guest recipe from Sabrina Magnusson that will see you right through until Spring.
  • Here’s the first of those guest recipes, 1996, by Grant Teng.
  • I’ve been in discussion with recipe creators and how two new Guest Film Recipes written up and ready to share next week.
  • Recipe no. 127 is Kodak Portra Pro, a new interpretation of the Portra 400 aesthetic using PRO Neg Standard.
  • It’s time for a new Guest Recipe, with Yakisugi Green, a green loving iteration of the popular Yakisugi recipe.
  • The user gallery for Astia Mellow is now published. Come and see the wonderful photos submitted by photographers like you.
  • The new film recipe challenge starts today … Copper film recipe is your new challenge recipe.
  • The Film Recipes Facebook Group now has 2,000 members. How wonderful that there are so many fans of film recipes out there. Have you joined yet?
  • Revisting some favourite recipes from the past and adding new image samples. First up, Soft Chrome, a gentle natural colour recipe.
  • Next for some extra images is Cinechrome, a smooth Classic Chrome.
  • Hot off the press, it’s Copper film recipe with Eterna Cinema
  • Published a theme page, Film Recipes for Forest & Woodlands
  • King Negative has been added to the site. Colourful and rich.
  • A lavender purple tone is the star of the new Ultraviolet film recipe.
  • Some midweek mono for you, with Monographic film recipe using Acros and tone designed for maximum usability.
  • Old Fossil recipe has been added to the site. Pale bleach goodness.
  • Added autumn mushroom photos to Retro Standard film recipe page.
  • Five (!) monochrome recipes have come from an editing session in X Raw Studio. Coming soon to the site.
  • I have a number of creamy tone recipes in the works. First to be published is Lomochrome 77, a muted and retro Classic Chrome.
  • Finally found some pumpkins to shoot with Pumpkin Patch. It was a rainy day, but I was still happy.
  • Started development of three natural colour film recipes.
  • Because I’m so in love with it, I’ve promoted Deep Forest onto the Shortlist page of my favourite recipes.
  • Fruity and colourful, it’s the new recipe Tropicana, available now.
  • I’ve been out and about the past two days, in rain and shine test driving three new recipes, Woodland Negative, Vintage Kodachrome and Forest Ranger.
  • Time to relax .. the Shinrin Yoku film recipe is now published.
  • Take a look at this fantastic gallery of images taken with Pale Negative by Eddy Summers.
  • Two more recipes written up for future release (Retrologico and King Negative), and a brand new one (Forest Ranger) developed in X Raw Studio.
King Negative upcoming recipe
upcoming recipe
Forest Ranger upcoming recipe
  • The Film Recipes Challenge is live, with a new round and the recipe for this fortnight is Astia Mellow, a film-like look with lovely tone.
  • The Goldeneye user gallery is ready. Take a look at the amazing challenge entries from around the world.
  • Added new Autumn images to another exsiting recipe, Eterna 8K.
  • I’ve been out mushroom spotting again, with new images added to the Coffee Chrome film recipe page.
  • Tried out Deep Forest on a walk along a stormy seaside. Pics are at the bottom of the Deep Forest page.
  • Fleshing out some older pages, today Retrocolor Negative gets extra sample images.
  • Too excited by the Pumpkin Patch film recipe to hold it back for later, so it’s gone straight up onto the site as part of your Autumn toolkit.
  • I’ve made a new page to bring together User Photo Galleries and Film Recipes. Take a look at the great work of others!
  • Two more recipes written up ready for publication in the coming days.
  • New on the site is Wanderlust, an Eterna based recipe for trips, travel and general use.
  • I’ve written up another Kodak recipe, this time a new take on Kodak Portra 400 film. Coming to the site soon.
  • Has it been too long since a retro Kodak recipe? No matter, I’ve now published Kodak Like it’s 1975, a retro toned classic chrome.
  • Published Fall Colormax, a strongly toned Autumn recipe for bold colours during fall.
  • Added autumnal new image samples to some previous recipes…
  • Added some more forest images to the Ruby Tuesday and Deep Forest recipe pages.
  • Here’s a forest mushroom based recipe selector …
  • Wrote up two more recipes in the queue for publishing, Angel Negative and Wanderlust.
  • Added a new film-based recipe, Kodak Aerocolor using Eterna sim.
  • Bold, with strong colour and grizzly grain, my new recipe is ready. It’s called Grizzly Bear, and is up opn the site now.
  • My flurry of Fall inspired recipes continues with Ruby Tuesday, now published on the site and Autumn recipes page.
  • The Karmachroma user gallery has been published. Take a look at this wonderful selection of submitted images.
  • The next round of the challenge has started, and the recipe is … Goldeneye – just right for the start of Autumn.
  • The second Autumn recipe is up. I really love this one! Deep Forest brings heavy mood to woodland details.
  • Getting your Autumn recipes ready … 3 more drafts prepared for publishing soon.
  • October has arrived, and the next batch of film recipes are Autumn themed. First up is an amazing guest recipe by Marcel Fraij, that I’ve named October Gold.
  • Perhaps the last ‘Summer’ look for a while, Zinfandel Blush has been published and added to the site. Need to add Z to the A-Z page now!
  • Updated the Most Popular Film Recipes page based on the latest site stats.
  • Added another three drafts for publishing over the coming weeks.
  • Woke up early, so put another recipe out there … Muted Gold with a lovely mellow tone, especially for nature and trees.
  • Catching up with writing, with three drafts prepared today.
  • Published a new Kodak based recipe, Kodak Ultramax, using Astia film simulation.
  • Added a series of city scenes to the Soft Cinnamon film recipe page to show its versatility as a recipe.
  • Added new autumnal images to the Goldeneye recipe page.
  • A handful of new recipes to come this week. First is CineStill Daylight which I created a while ago, so really needed to get published!
  • I was in London for the weekend, and took shots with a mix of published and upcoming recipes. I hope to share the first results in a few days.
  • I’m playing catch-up a bit, and so I’ve launched another excellent guest recipe, Manila Chrome, Grant Teng’s daily chrome recipe.
  • Two Autumn photos added to the Toastychrome page.
  • Published Pale Blue Dot with a striking Bleach Bypass look.
  • Took a morning walk, photographing early Autumn leaves and spiderwebs with four upcoming recipes.
  • Started work on a guest recipe for Autumn with a soft golden tone.
  • Taking a trip to London this weekend, so started work on a night recipe for city shots in the evenings.
  • It’s time for another guest recipe – Thassos 22 is a beautifully simple Classic Chrome recipe for sunny days and travel.
  • Preparing a new Autumn recipe, Fall Colormax 🍂
  • Added new photos to the Hipsta Ray Mark II film recipe, a mellow creamy toned recipe based on Hipstamatic.
  • The journey to 200 recipes is on, with Restore from Backup now added to the site as recipe 101.
  • With over 100 recipes, I needed to update the homepage as the oldest were being missed off. So this now shows a selection of around half the more popular recipes, with everything available now on the A-Z Index, as well as via the various menu theme pages.
  • A little late (sorry!), but the User Gallery for Vintage Mood has now been published.
  • Karmachroma film recipe has been added to the Shortlist of recipes as the new favourite recipe on the site.
  • Catching up on writing, with Lomochrome 77 recipe now in draft.
  • Added some of my own photo tests as rural samples to the bottom of the pages for Manila Sun and upcoming Manila Chrome film recipes.
  • After a late night editing session in X Raw Studio, three more new recipes have been added into testing.
  • In conversation with a Romanian photographer about a lovely guest recipe using Classic Chrome.
  • Doing some catch-up writing, with Manila Chrome guest recipe written up, ready to publish next week.
  • The new challenge has started, using Karmachroma.
  • Kodak Ultramax has been written up, ready for release soon.
  • Recipe 100 is published 🎉 Karmachroma is now available.
  • In an outburst of creativity in X RAW Studio, I started development of 4 new recipes, three colour and one mono.
  • Recipe no. 99 on the site is launched. It’s Silvertone 99, a deep mono film recipe using the Acros film simulation.
Dreamland upcoming recipe
Afternoon Delight upcoming recipe
Pumpkin Patch upcoming recipe
  • Started development of another new recipe, Dreamland, with a hazy and rich toned Classic Negative look.
  • Another new one under development … Afternoon Delight, for the warm sinlight of the afternoon.
  • Working on a new Autumn recipe called Pumpkin Patch. Can you guess what the colour tone is?
  • Two new Kodak recipes, Kodak ProImage and Kodak Ultramax are in development and nearly ready for write-up.
  • Now launched (into space), is Life on Mars, a recipe from the red planet.
  • Tomorrow’s film recipe is out of this world! Wait and see 🙂
  • Prepared another new recipe, Silvertone 99, coming soon.
  • Added a new theme page, for Film Recipes with Strong Looks
  • Prepared the write-up of upcoming recipe, Restore from Backup.
  • The countdown to recipe 100 is underway, with recipe 97, Analogico with rich yellow and golden tones.
  • Another guest recipe has been added – Manila Sun, by Grant Teng.
  • Back to basics with the Documentary Classic Chrome film recipe.
  • On the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a new recipe QE2.
  • Launched a fun recipe for a Swiss mountain effect, Alpine Sun.
  • Wrote up two new drafts for upcoming film recipes.
  • Made a new theme page, Recipes for Autumn & Fall, with a selection of recipes for the turning leaves. I have several upcoming recipes in this style as well.
  • Launched Natural Astia, a recipe I’ve been working for a while, but really needs to be out there now! More to follow in the coming days.
  • Another mono Monday recipe has been added, Atarangi Mono.
  • I’m preparing for the homepage to show a selection of recipes, rather than all of them. I’ve updated this what’s new page with a grid of new posts and pages as a way to keep the newest things visible after this change.
  • Updated the Arthouse Cinema page to include the user gallery images link panel.
  • Launched another film recipe, no. 90 on the site; Toasty Chrome.
  • Did a batch of processing in X RAW Studio to add additional samples for 4 upcoming recipes.
  • Updated the new box with new copy that should be more clear.
  • Writing again, and finished the draft for a warm and golden Astia recipe, Analogico.
  • Wrote up the page for an upcoming recipe, Pale Blue Dot.
  • The film-like Nostalgic Fujicolor recipe has been added to the site.
  • The new challenge recipe is … Vintage Mood which may be perfect for these last sunny evenings and changing season. Submit images in the usual way, by Sept 15th.
  • Launched the user gallery for the Arthouse Cinema challenge that ended today.
  • Another new recipe! This one is Alchemy Cinematic, ideal for city walks.
  • Added a new mono recipe, Wilford HG.
  • Updated the Recipe Themes page, and added a new Mono Film Recipes page.
  • Found a lovely old church whilst out shooting for some new recipes.
St. Leonard’s Church, with Vintage Astia upcoming recipe
  • Processed X-RAW Studio files for a number of upcoming film recipes, to add variety to the sample image sets.
  • Went out in the morning and tried some mono shots of dew on the cars in the street.
  • Really excited about this one; Vintage Mood for a nostalgic look with Eterna Cinema film simulation is recipe no. 86.
  • Lots of rain this morning, so tried some wet weather shots with a few recipes. Added some rainy photos to Cinematic Cool recipe, and Ultrasoft 77 recipe pages.
  • A nice sunny evening with pretty clouds, so took photos for four upcoming recipes from a local rural footpath.
  • Published P45, a warm tones film recipe using Provia simulation.
  • Added the draft for a grainy mono recipe, Wilford HG.
  • Completed the draft for a new vintage toned Eterna recipe.
  • It’s raining here, so I added the Cinematic Cool recipe to the site. It uses Eterna Bleach Bypass, so is just for the newer cameras, sorry.
  • For Mono Monday, I’ve published Claunch 72.
  • The second guest recipe, Pastel Vibes, has been added.
  • Photography for three upcoming recipes taken and processed.
  • Two new recipes designed in X Raw Studio, Grizzly Bear, with max grain and punchy colour, and Pale Blue Dot, a soft Bleach Bypass recipe with pale blue skies.
  • The Shortlist page of favourites has been updated with 3 additional recipes.
  • Added another new recipe for Summer vibes, Beach Baby.
  • Updated the Popular Film Recipes page based on the latest stats.
  • Additional photos prepared for upcoming recipe, Evening Standard.
  • Published a new recipe, Travel Negative with Classic Negative.
  • Spent time experimenting in X Raw Studio and put 8 new recipe ideas on the list for test shots
  • Draft written for upcoming recipe, Toasty Chrome.
  • Posted a new recipe for cloudy days, Olive Garden.
  • Launched the next round of the challenge, with Arthouse Cinema.
  • Two extra images added to the Astia Mellow film recipe page.
  • Gallery page published with the Kodak Portra Daily reader photos.
  • Photos processed for a new retro recipe, Kodak like its 1975.
  • Photos collated for upcoming Astia recipe, Analogico.
  • First photos processed for new recipe, Restore from Backup.
Restore from Backup upcoming recipe
Analogico upcoming recipe
Kodak like its 1975 upcoming recipe
  • Added link to the Classic Gold User Gallery from the recipe page.
  • Published the Kodak Tri-X 33 monochrome recipe.
  • Added extra user photos to the Classic Gold user gallery.
  • First drafts written for two recipes, Alpine Sun and Nostalgic Mood.
  • Created two new recipe ideas in X Raw Studio for testing in camera
  • Added extra images & corrected typos on the Kodak Portra Daily recipe page
  • Two night photos added to the Fuji Five-O recipe page.
  • Imagery collated for an upcoming recipe, Mono Moonlight.
  • Added additional photo samples to the Squid Ink film recipe.
  • Updated the challenge info banner, because this round of the challenge ends on Monday.
  • Published a new Astia recipe, Astia Mellow.
  • Prepared some images for three upcoming recipes.
  • Changelog page added to the navigation menu.
  • Portrait examples added to Nostalgic Standard film recipe.
  • The first guest recipe, Yakisugi has been added.
  • Portrait examples added to Gold Standard film recipe.
Muted Gold
upcoming recipe
Natural Astia upcoming recipe
Claunch 72 upcoming recipe