Changelog: What’s New with Film Recipes?

To show what’s new, which recipes are coming and which pages have changed, I’ve started a changelog, so you can see what’s going on. You can also keep up to date with new recipes on the Film Recipes Facebook Group.

A summary of how things are going;

  • There are now 105 film recipes published, 9 prepared in draft, another 37 photographed and waiting for write-up, and 22 more in development and testing.

The most recent film recipes and pages added to the site;

Progress on new recipes and other updates;

Newest things are at the top.

  • Added new autumnal images to the Goldeneye recipe page.
  • A handful of new recipes to come this week. First is CineStill Daylight which I created a while ago, so really needed to get published!
  • I was in London for the weekend, and took shots with a mix of published and upcoming recipes. I hope to share the first results in a few days.
  • I’m playing catch-up a bit, and so I’ve launched another excellent guest recipe, Manila Chrome, Grant Teng’s daily chrome recipe.
  • Two Autumn photos added to the Toastychrome page.
  • Published Pale Blue Dot with a striking Bleach Bypass look.
  • Took a morning walk, photographing early Autumn leaves and spiderwebs with four upcoming recipes.
  • Started work on a guest recipe for Autumn with a soft golden tone.
  • Taking a trip to London this weekend, so started work on a night recipe for city shots in the evenings.
  • It’s time for another guest recipe – Thassos 22 is a beautifully simple Classic Chrome recipe for sunny days and travel.
  • Preparing a new Autumn recipe, Fall Colormax 🍂
  • Added new photos to the Hipsta Ray Mark II film recipe, a mellow creamy toned recipe based on Hipstamatic.
  • The journey to 200 recipes is on, with Restore from Backup now added to the site as recipe 101.
  • With over 100 recipes, I needed to update the homepage as the oldest were being missed off. So this now shows a selection of around half the more popular recipes, with everything available now on the A-Z Index, as well as via the various menu theme pages.
  • A little late (sorry!), but the User Gallery for Vintage Mood has now been published.
  • Karmachroma film recipe has been added to the Shortlist of recipes as the new favourite recipe on the site.
  • Catching up on writing, with Lomochrome 77 recipe now in draft.
  • Added some of my own photo tests as rural samples to the bottom of the pages for Manila Sun and upcoming Manila Chrome film recipes.
  • After a late night editing session in X Raw Studio, three more new recipes have been added into testing.
  • In conversation with a Romanian photographer about a lovely guest recipe using Classic Chrome.
  • Doing some catch-up writing, with Manila Chrome guest recipe written up, ready to publish next week.
  • The new challenge has started, using Karmachroma.
  • Kodak Ultramax has been written up, ready for release soon.
  • Recipe 100 is published 🎉 Karmachroma is now available.
  • In an outburst of creativity in X RAW Studio, I started development of 4 new recipes, three colour and one mono.
  • Recipe no. 99 on the site is launched. It’s Silvertone 99, a deep mono film recipe using the Acros film simulation.
Dreamland upcoming recipe
Afternoon Delight upcoming recipe
Pumpkin Patch upcoming recipe
  • Started development of another new recipe, Dreamland, with a hazy and rich toned Classic Negative look.
  • Another new one under development … Afternoon Delight, for the warm sinlight of the afternoon.
  • Working on a new Autumn recipe called Pumpkin Patch. Can you guess what the colour tone is?
  • Two new Kodak recipes, Kodak ProImage and Kodak Ultramax are in development and nearly ready for write-up.
  • Now launched (into space), is Life on Mars, a recipe from the red planet.
  • Tomorrow’s film recipe is out of this world! Wait and see 🙂
  • Prepared another new recipe, Silvertone 99, coming soon.
  • Added a new theme page, for Film Recipes with Strong Looks
  • Prepared the write-up of upcoming recipe, Restore from Backup.
  • The countdown to recipe 100 is underway, with recipe 97, Analogico with rich yellow and golden tones.
  • Another guest recipe has been added – Manila Sun, by Grant Teng.
  • Back to basics with the Documentary Classic Chrome film recipe.
  • On the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a new recipe QE2.
  • Launched a fun recipe for a Swiss mountain effect, Alpine Sun.
  • Wrote up two new drafts for upcoming film recipes.
  • Made a new theme page, Recipes for Autumn & Fall, with a selection of recipes for the turning leaves. I have several upcoming recipes in this style as well.
  • Launched Natural Astia, a recipe I’ve been working for a while, but really needs to be out there now! More to follow in the coming days.
  • Another mono Monday recipe has been added, Atarangi Mono.
  • I’m preparing for the homepage to show a selection of recipes, rather than all of them. I’ve updated this what’s new page with a grid of new posts and pages as a way to keep the newest things visible after this change.
  • Updated the Arthouse Cinema page to include the user gallery images link panel.
  • Launched another film recipe, no. 90 on the site; Toasty Chrome.
  • Did a batch of processing in X RAW Studio to add additional samples for 4 upcoming recipes.
  • Updated the new box with new copy that should be more clear.
  • Writing again, and finished the draft for a warm and golden Astia recipe, Analogico.
  • Wrote up the page for an upcoming recipe, Pale Blue Dot.
  • The film-like Nostalgic Fujicolor recipe has been added to the site.
  • The new challenge recipe is … Vintage Mood which may be perfect for these last sunny evenings and changing season. Submit images in the usual way, by Sept 15th.
  • Launched the user gallery for the Arthouse Cinema challenge that ended today.
  • Another new recipe! This one is Alchemy Cinematic, ideal for city walks.
  • Added a new mono recipe, Wilford HG.
  • Updated the Recipe Themes page, and added a new Mono Film Recipes page.
  • Found a lovely old church whilst out shooting for some new recipes.
St. Leonard’s Church, with Vintage Astia upcoming recipe
  • Processed X-RAW Studio files for a number of upcoming film recipes, to add variety to the sample image sets.
  • Went out in the morning and tried some mono shots of dew on the cars in the street.
  • Really excited about this one; Vintage Mood for a nostalgic look with Eterna Cinema film simulation is recipe no. 86.
  • Lots of rain this morning, so tried some wet weather shots with a few recipes. Added some rainy photos to Cinematic Cool recipe, and Ultrasoft 77 recipe pages.
  • A nice sunny evening with pretty clouds, so took photos for four upcoming recipes from a local rural footpath.
  • Published P45, a warm tones film recipe using Provia simulation.
  • Added the draft for a grainy mono recipe, Wilford HG.
  • Completed the draft for a new vintage toned Eterna recipe.
  • It’s raining here, so I added the Cinematic Cool recipe to the site. It uses Eterna Bleach Bypass, so is just for the newer cameras, sorry.
  • For Mono Monday, I’ve published Claunch 72.
  • The second guest recipe, Pastel Vibes, has been added.
  • Photography for three upcoming recipes taken and processed.
  • Two new recipes designed in X Raw Studio, Grizzly Bear, with max grain and punchy colour, and Pale Blue Dot, a soft Bleach Bypass recipe with pale blue skies.
  • The Shortlist page of favourites has been updated with 3 additional recipes.
  • Added another new recipe for Summer vibes, Beach Baby.
  • Updated the Popular Film Recipes page based on the latest stats.
  • Additional photos prepared for upcoming recipe, Evening Standard.
  • Published a new recipe, Travel Negative with Classic Negative.
  • Spent time experimenting in X Raw Studio and put 8 new recipe ideas on the list for test shots
  • Draft written for upcoming recipe, Toasty Chrome.
  • Posted a new recipe for cloudy days, Olive Garden.
  • Launched the next round of the challenge, with Arthouse Cinema.
  • Two extra images added to the Astia Mellow film recipe page.
  • Gallery page published with the Kodak Portra Daily reader photos.
  • Photos processed for a new retro recipe, Kodak like its 1975.
  • Photos collated for upcoming Astia recipe, Analogico.
  • First photos processed for new recipe, Restore from Backup.
Restore from Backup upcoming recipe
Analogico upcoming recipe
Kodak like its 1975 upcoming recipe
  • Added link to the Classic Gold User Gallery from the recipe page.
  • Published the Kodak Tri-X 33 monochrome recipe.
  • Added extra user photos to the Classic Gold user gallery.
  • First drafts written for two recipes, Alpine Sun and Nostalgic Mood.
  • Created two new recipe ideas in X Raw Studio for testing in camera
  • Added extra images & corrected typos on the Kodak Portra Daily recipe page
  • Two night photos added to the Fuji Five-O recipe page.
  • Imagery collated for an upcoming recipe, Mono Moonlight.
  • Added additional photo samples to the Squid Ink film recipe.
  • Updated the challenge info banner, because this round of the challenge ends on Monday.
  • Published a new Astia recipe, Astia Mellow.
  • Prepared some images for three upcoming recipes.
  • Changelog page added to the navigation menu.
  • Portrait examples added to Nostalgic Standard film recipe.
  • The first guest recipe, Yakisugi has been added.
  • Portrait examples added to Gold Standard film recipe.
Muted Gold
upcoming recipe
Natural Astia upcoming recipe
Claunch 72 upcoming recipe