Parklife, Cosy with just a little Blur

Classic Negative film simulation film recipe, with warm shift and boosted colour

I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea, and I think about leaving the house. Here’s the third in the occasional series of film recipes with names based on song titles. First we had Karmachroma, then Ruby Tuesday, and now we have Parklife. This recipe has boosted colour and a haze from clarity to give a warm cosy look for sunny days in the park and elsewhere.

The recipe is great in the sun, and even better around golden hour. It’ll no doubt be a good partner in what’s left of the Autumn season, with Classic Negative loving reds and oranges in the fall color. And, for our friends in tropical lands or the Southern Hemisphere, a great recipe for you too.

Warm, cosy and hazy, that’s the Parklife film recipe

Parklife Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Classic Negative
  • Grain Effect: Off
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Weak
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Weak
  • White Balance: 5500K
  • WB Shift: +5 Red, -5 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR200
  • Highlights: -0.5
  • Shadows: -1.5
  • Color: +2
  • Sharpness: 0
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: -2
  • EV compensation: 0
The joggers go round and round, Parklife film recipe
I get up when I want, Except on Wednesdays. Parklife film recipe
It’s got nothing to do with Vorsprung durch Technik, Parklife
I get rudely awakened by the dustmen, Parklife film recipe
Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur, Parklife film recipe
It gives me a sense of enormous well-being, Parklife film recipe
He gets intimidated by the dirty pigeons, Parklife film recipe
All the people, so many people
And they all go hand-in-hand
Hand-in-hand through their, Parklife
Cut down on your pork life
Get some excercise
Take a route straight through what is known as …
Parklife … Parklife … Parklife film recipe

Embrace a film-like look and join in with the Film Recipes Challenge 📸 Take photos with the Flatpack film recipe, and share them in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. This recipe is based on film prints in a matte low contrast style. Join in from where you live with a deadline of end of 29th March. #flatpack 👍

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