Astia Mellow User Gallery

Another challenge has come to and end, and it’s time to review the photos submitted by Fujifilm photographers test driving the Astia Mellow film recipe.

This time around we had some interesting entries with older camera bodies. This is great to see, and I really do support adapting any of my recipes to work on your camera. You can skip or adjust settings to get as close to the look as you like, or even use a recipe as a starting point for something entirely new. That’s how King Negative came about, for example.

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If you’d like to join in a recipe challenge, it’s really easy to do. Fujifilm film recipe photographers can share photos with the current challenge recipe, either on the Film Recipes Facebook Group, or in the comments section of the challenge recipe page.

Here are a selection of user images for the Astia Mellow film recipe challenge, which ran in October 2022.

Astia Mellow by Sabrina Magnusson

Sabrina has been in our Facebook group for a little while, and has shared these wonderful autumn shots for the challenge. It’s great to have you join the challenge, Sabrina.

Did you spot the hallowe’en ghost?

Astia Mellow by The Camera Eats First

There’s no stopping for holidays and vacations with the Film Recipes challenge! Here we have a set of wonderful images from Lanzarote taken with Astia Mellow. You can find out a little more about the images in the comments section of the Astia Mellow recipe page.

And back from holiday, we also have a little selection from back home …

Astia Mellow by Gordon Ovenshine

Gordon shared a couple of delightful Autumn scenes from Pennsylvania. The trees there have a wonderful fall colour, but this late in October it was already nearly over.

Astia Mellow by Simon Whitehouse (XT2)

Here’s the first recipe adaptation, with the Astia Mellow recipe adapted for the XT2. As you’ll see, things are looking good, despite the gloomy weather!

It wasn’t all gloom and rain for Simon. He also submitted these wonderfully coloured trees.

Astia Mellow by David Cox (X100F)

David’s photo selection comes to use from South Korea. A the time of posting, there had been a tragic accident at a Hallowe’en gathering. His images, although beautiful, are poignant for their emptiness.

Astia Mellow by Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis (XT3)

Yves-Gwenaël tells us that, “On the X-T3 I don’t have ‘Colour Chrome Blue’ and I don’t have the choice for large or small grain, only weak or strong.
I used weak grain because on the X-T3, the “strong” grain seems to be to large. Photos where taken in Paris close to the river Seine” … “I even tried a panning photography for the first time.”

Once again, we have a wonderful gallery of user submitted photos for the challenge recipe.

If you are inspired, and would like to see your photos here in a gallery, then it’s simple. Join us in the Film Recipes Facebook Group where the latest challenge will be running. In the meantime, you can take a tour of the other user photo galleries from previous rounds of the challenge.