Kodak Pro Image User Gallery

It’s time for another user photo gallery form the Film Recipes Challenge. This time around, we asked readers to try out the Kodak Pro Image film recipe and share their results.

This recipe produces a highly usable look from Classic Chrome, intended to present a film-like style, but without too much styling or effect. In the images below, you can see the wide range of images captured and the versatility of the film recipe across different climates and situations.

For info on how to see your images in our gallery, see the details in the box below.

Embrace a film-like look and join in with the Film Recipes Challenge 📸 Take photos with the Flatpack film recipe, and share them in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. This recipe is based on film prints in a matte low contrast style. Join in from where you live with a deadline of end of 29th March. #flatpack 👍

Kodak Pro Image by Darren Urda (1/2)

Darren kindly sent in two gallery submissions, taken on different days in his local area of Australia. The blues in particular are strking in this set.

Kodak Pro Image by Lethanh Nguyen

Sometimes, one image is enough, and in this submission from Vietnam by Letanh, we see a beautiful portrat, captured through flowers.

Kodak Pro Image by Sabrina Magnusson (1/2)

Sabrina shares images from Denmark, and it’s always a delight to see how the seasons are progressing and the things that catch her eye.

Kodak Pro Image by Ken MacGray

I always enjoy the images that Ken shares from the woods of New England. This time was no exception, as he put Kodak Pro Image through its paces.

Kodak Pro Image by Andrew Gundershaug

Here’s a wonderful selection that is packed with variety. There’s a little bit of all sorts here; indoor and outdoor, and different times of day. I love them all, but the birds takeoff is something quite remarkable.

Kodak Pro Image by Adrian Martinez

Adrian also sent in a varied selection, with and in- and outdoor shots. To be honest, I am surprised we don’t get more pet photos submitted, because our beloved animals can make a wonderful subject.

Kodak Pro Image by Darren Urda (2/2)

It’s mid-winter in my location when Darren is enjoying the sunshine and heat of the summer. It’s fun to see the flowers and plants, bursting with colour, whilst at home, everything is faded and pale.

Kodak Pro Image by Kamil Szlachta

For those of us that live in large cities, a different range of photo opportunities present themselves. I always enjoy seeing street photos and urban views, as it gives a new perspective and shows the film recipes in a different setting.

Kodak Pro Image by Sabrina Magnusson (2/2)

To finish up this round of the Film Recipes Challenge, here’s a second selection from the images submitted by Sabrina. This set have a more geometric vibe with bold lines and right angles.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all our gallery contributors, and I know you’ll agree that the images are fantastic. The next step is for you to join in, and share your images in the Film Recipes Challenge. See you then!