Cream Tones Film Recipes

Film recipes with creamy color tones

With warm colour balance shifts, these film recipes help to bring out creamy tones in your images. They include the Portra-like recipes and several that work at their best during golden hour. If you enjoy adding a gentle creamy softness in your photos, these can be great partners, especially if your image already contains areas of pale cream or white in them.

Most popular in this section is the guest recipe Yakisugi, followed by Kodak Portra Grainy. For some creative fun, why not try Beach Baby for lots of creamy tone.

➡️ The Film Recipes Challenge is now on! Shoot with the recent look, Age of Aquarius, and share your photos, either in the Facebook group or the recipe page comments. The deadline is end of Feb 15th. Everyone is welcome, from all around the world! For inspiration, see previous galleries. ➡️ The Film Recipes Facebook Group is a great place to share film recipes, ask questions and join the challenge.

More Cream Tone Recipes

I’m trying to keep a distinction here between cream tones and warm tones that are more orange or saturated. Those will be presented separately. But, if you want to see more recipes with a creamy tone, here are some more from other sites…

Portra Inspired Recipes

Although not the only feature of this film, there is certainly a tendency for film recipes for Kodak Portra films to lean towards highlighting cream. This comes from the warm balance and steps of overexposure.

Other Cream Tone Recipes

Full of good mood and style, try these for recipes with character.

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