Aerocolor, based on Rare Kodak Film

Eterna film simulation recipe to mimic the look of Kodak Aerocolor 125

One of my first recipes based on photo samples from real film was the aged look of expired Kodak Aerocolor. I called it Aerocolor Lomo, and although I love the green tones it produces, it’s something of a specialist recipe.

Revisiting the little known Kodak Aerocolor samples again, I was able to find a handful from non-expired stock that helped me shape this recipe. The most important step with this exercise is choosing the base simulation, and for Aerocolor, I found that Eterna gave the best match.

Other settings include deeper shadows, a small lift to color and a fixed point white balance for a warm, but still natural look. Whilst there is no clarity in use, Chrome Blue is set, so for older cameras, that would need to be skipped.

Sunny day oak branch, captured with the Aerocolor film recipe

Kodak Aerocolor Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Eterna/Cinema
  • Grain Effect: Weak, Small
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Off
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: 6450K
  • WB Shift: +4 Red, -2 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR200
  • Highlights: +1.0
  • Shadows: +3.0
  • Color: +1
  • Sharpness: +1
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: 0
  • EV compensation: +1/3
Backlit ferns on a bright day, with Aerocolor film recipe
A natural look for Autumn snaps, with the Aerocolor film recipe
Illuminated frond, captured with Aerocolor film recipe
Walking the trail, using Aerocolor film recipe
Summer greens are natural, with Aerocolor film recipe
Late Summer heather in the sunshine, Aerocolor film recipe
Close up with this delicate summer plant, Aerocolor film recipe
Boat parking on the river, captured with the Aerocolor film recipe
Buddleia, the butterfly bush, taken with the Aerocolor film recipe
City scene
Exploring the streets
Urban sunlight and metal, taken with Aerocolor film recipe
The tall buildings of Canary Wharf, London. Aerocolor film recipe
Foxgloves on the edge of a field, using Aerocolor film recipe
Magenta pink foxgloves, with Aerocolor film recipe
Summer riverbank, with the look of Kodak Aerocolor film recipe
Impressive rose display, with Aerocolor film recipe

Embrace a film-like look and join in with the Film Recipes Challenge 📸 Take photos with the Flatpack film recipe, and share them in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. This recipe is based on film prints in a matte low contrast style. Join in from where you live with a deadline of end of 29th March. #flatpack 👍

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