Natural Colour Film Recipes

Film recipes for natural colour tones

Many film recipes, including the majority on this site, have a colour balance or combination of settings that lend a particular colour tone to your images. This might be blue tones, green tones, creamy tones or a generally warm tones look that feeds through to a series of images you might take.

When you’d prefer things to be more natural, you can either switch to using the excellent Fujifilm film simulations without further tweaks, or choose a recipe with a natural colour balance. Here are my recipes, with only minor colour shifts for a more natural colour tone.

Join the fun! The Film Recipes Facebook Group is a great place to chat film recipes, or share photos you’ve taken with the recipes. The Karmachroma challenge is on. Shoot with Karmachroma and share by Sun, Oct 2nd. Everyone is welcome to share photos from around the world. A selection will be added to the site. Let’s go!

More Natural Colour Recipes

Colour balance shifts are an integral part to many recipes, but there are still plenty to find with a more natural balance. Here are a few picks from other sites …

  • Modern Documentary – Provia based day-to-day recipe by Øyvind Nordhagen
  • OWH Recipe Pack – Øyvind Nordhagen’s kit of three recipes for different conditions
  • Kodak Ultramax 400 – Excellent sunny day recipe by Piotr Skrzypek
  • Fujicolor C200 – Classic Negative with minor shift, Piotr Skrzypek
  • Kodak Pro Image 100 – Piotr Skrzypek’s soft film look with Pro Neg Std
  • Reggie Chrome – Perhaps the ultimate Classic Chrome recipe? By Reggie Ballesteros, hosted on his YouTube channel.
  • Meyerowitz – Street photography style, emulating Joel Meyerowitz. Recipe is by Kevin Mullins and you need to scroll down to it.
  • Pure Negative – A soft look by Thomas Schwab, hosted on Fuji X Weekly
  • Leica Like v2 – Bold colours and a natural balance, from Mark G Adams

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