The Shortlist

My favourite film recipes from the collection

This site has been live for over a year now, and I’ve added the 200th recipe to the site. With so many recipes, I’ve updated this page listing my personal favourite film recipes. These reflect my own taste and preference to shoot in a softer, nostalgic style, but I hope that you enjoy it and will try a few in your own photography.


My Best Film Recipes

  • Kojak Gold – Film recipe 200 on this site, and a massive favourite of mine. This recipe is a take on Kodak Gold 200 with nostalgic 70s hints.
  • Expired Geographic – I love the expired look, and Eterna is a great sim to play with this style. Here’s my expired look for nature.
  • Childhood Vacation – Bring on the vibes of childhood holidays and the fading prints your parents show you of their time as kids.
  • Vinterskog – There’s just something about Bleach Bypass that I really love, and this is one of my favourite recipes with it
  • Soft Negative – Recipe no. 2 on this site, but actually developed first. It was Classic Negative’s wonderful retro style that brought me to Fujifilm in the first place.
  • Cineplus – My new favourite Classic Chrome, which is great in all sorts of weathers and brings out the colour in a scene.
  • Classic Gold – A wonderfully soft recipe based on aged rolls of Kodak Gold 35mm film. Looks amazing in golden hour.
  • Karmachroma – This nostalgic style is one that I’ve been so excited about that I held it back for ages, so it could be Recipe no. 100 on the site. It has a bit of everything I like, all in one recipe.
  • Soft Cinnamon – Eterna Bleach Bypass creates some dramatic images, but this is a much more gentle recipe with a great tone and balance.
  • Aged Kodak Portra – A look developed to mimic expired Kodak Portra film. I love the subtle green hints in the tones.
  • Rosa Negative – I’m so often inspired by other creators, and this is a recipe adapted in this way. It’s lovely and delicate, and just wonderful at sunset.
  • Astia Mellow – Astia is one of the great underated film simulations, but this recipe might change how you feel.
  • Nostalgic Standard – This is a mellow and relaxed recipe that I developed using Pro Neg Standard. It’s versatile and comforting.
  • Kodachrome Daily – My interpretation of the Kodachrome 64 aesthetic, with all that’s good about Classic Chrome in one handy recipe.
  • Arthouse Cinema – Recipe no. 50 and one I had huge fun developing and testing. I love Eterna as a simulation and this is my favourite recipe I’ve so far created with it.
  • Silver Slate – get creative with the pale tones of Bleach Bypass. Great in winter or for a stylised look
  • Age of Aquarius – all the good things I love about Classic Negative in one recipe
  • Hipsta Ray – a retro look with Hipstamatic vibes. I love the retro feel of this strong style

The site is under active development, with another batch of recipes in testing and write-up. These include some new favourite styles, so as I add more recipes, I’ll update this list.


☀️ For this round of The Film Recipes Challenge the recipe is Cineplus, bold Classic Chrome with subtle retro vibes. It’s great in the gloom or bright light and with colourful subjects. Join in by taking some images and share in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or in the recipe page comments. Open to everyone, until 22nd June. Tag #cineplus 😊

You might also be interested to hear what my favourite recipes are from other creators. Here are my top picks;

  1. Kodak Portra 800 v2 – It’s hard to pick just one from so many, but this is my choice from Ritchie over at FujiXWeekly
  2. Nomadic Mood – a favourite Classic Negative recipe, which I absolutely love in golden hour
  3. Dune – My top choice from the wonderful recipe collection by Immanuel / Captn Look
  4. New American Color – this is a tremendous recipe, based on Astia and developed by Øyvind Nordhagen
  5. C201 – This could be the best Classic Negative recipe on any site … scroll to recipe 3. By Marcel Fraij

5 responses to “The Shortlist”

  1. TheCameraEatsFirst Avatar

    Yay, it’s now possible to reply here.
    I’m a sucker for (soft) pastel hues. You have created a few pastel-esque recipes and I have saved them.
    Any idea how to replicate this?

    My own photos taken on Santorini:
    Golden hour:


    1. justingould Avatar

      I love the soft hues too, but it’s really about waiting for the golden hour light I think, like in your lovely photos. To get a look like those of Mira Varbov will be a bit beyond the capabilities in camera.


  2. TheCameraEatsFirst Avatar

    My current top favourites! (not in any particular order)


    Copy/paste from my list. I put “favourite” after a recipe name to find them quickly.


    1. justingould Avatar

      Thanks so much … I’m flattered that you like so many.


  3. marcelfraij Avatar

    Thank you Justin for including my C201 recipe in your list of favourites.

    Liked by 1 person

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