Vinterskog, Deep Tones Forest Recipe

Bleach bypass film recipe inspired by the Swedish forest photos of Catrine Sandberg

I really love misty moody photography, and would probably be happy if there was fog almost every morning. I love how scenery fades away and colours are obscured by the pale mist.

A photographer who make the most of these conditions is Catrine Sandberg whose magically moody images from Swedish forests I follow on Instagram.

She shoots and edits in a variety of atmospheric styles, but her blue-green toned deep images are my favourites.

This is just one example, and it is the look that I have sought to recreate with the Vinterskog film recipe.

To achieve this look, I have used Eterna Bleach Bypass, which is a truly amazing base simulation with lots of flexibility to create styles that just can’t be achieved with Classic Chrome or Negative. So, unfortunately, this recipe will be limited to those of you with the newer generations of cameras.

But … and this is a good ‘but’ … if you have an older camera, without Bleach Bypass, I have also made Vinterkrom, where I have tried to recreate this look using Classic Chrome.

My take on Catrine Sandberg’s style, the Vinterskog Film Recipe

Vinterskog Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Eterna Bleach Bypass
  • Grain Effect: Weak, Small
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Strong
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: 4400K
  • WB Shift: 0 Red, -4 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR400
  • Highlights: -2.0
  • Shadows: +2.0
  • Color: +4
  • Sharpness: 0
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: -4 (you may be tempted to zero this, but it is important)
  • EV compensation: +1/3

❄️️ Take a look at the amazing Vinter Challenge Gallery, featuring reader photos using the Vinterskog and Vinterkrom recipes. ❄️️

A moody forest style, using the Vinterskog Film Recipe
Autumn fern colours are muted, with the Vinterskog Film Recipe
A little mist helps get the look, using Vinterskog Film Recipe
Could be Sweden, could be Wiltshire. Vinterskog Film Recipe
Winter berries, captured with Vinterskog Film Recipe
New season catkins, waiting for the thaw, Vinterskog Film Recipe
I really, really love soft flare like this! Vinterskog Film Recipe
Two views of an old stone wall, with Vinterskog Film Recipe
In the blue hour, using the Vinterskog Film Recipe
It’s foggy and nearly dark, Vinterskog Film Recipe
The mellowness of autumn, with Vinterskog Film Recipe
It’s damp and moody, when you use Vinterskog Film Recipe
A gorse bush with spiderwebs, and the Vinterskog Film Recipe
Snowy fencepost in pale sunlight, with Vinterskog Film Recipe
Snowy accumulations, captured with Vinterskog
Vinterskog Film Recipe is a top choice on a gloomy day
Dramatic skies become deep and powerful, with Vinterskog Recipe
Two oysters having a chat? Vinterskog Film Recipe
Wintertime on the beach, perfect for Vinterskog Film Recipe
Frosty mornings are well suited to the Vinterskog Film Recipe
Sunrise below zero, with the Vinterskog Film Recipe
Too cold to sit and watch the veggies grow, Vinterskog Film Recipe
Frost on the chair top, with the Vinterskog Film Recipe
Vinterskog Film Recipe at night, and a red car under streetlight
Vinterskog Film Recipe uses -4 clarity, giving a halo to this lamp.

🌊 Let’s get creative in this new round of The Film Recipes Challenge 🏄 The recipe is the burned and faded look, Childhood Vacation, which loves to be over exposed. Try some images and share a selection in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. Open to everyone, until end of 8th June. Tag #childhoodvacation ☀️

3 responses to “Vinterskog, Deep Tones Forest Recipe”

  1. Just lovely! i adore the evocative imagery possible with this recipe you’ve created.

    Alas, i own an X-Pro3.. so no bleach bypass simulation to work with 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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