Film Recipes for Bright Sunny Days

Bright sunshine can present some challenges to photographers, with high contrast and hard light making it difficult to capture a scene in a pleasing way. This selection of film recipes all work well in bright conditions, taming some of the extremes and allowing you to keep snapping throughout the day.

For down at the beach, on a lunchtime photowalk, or whenever the lights is bright, try one of these film simulation recipes and embrace the bright conditions.

Join the fun! The Film Recipes Facebook Group is a great place to chat film recipes, or share photos you’ve taken with the recipes. The Karmachroma challenge is on. Shoot with Karmachroma and share by Sun, Oct 2nd. Everyone is welcome to share photos from around the world. A selection will be added to the site. Let’s go!

Bright Day Recipes from Other Sites

Here’s a selection of some of the recipes by others that are suited to shots in bright conditions and full sun.

These are just a few of the recipes available, but they make a good starting point. And, for later in the day, try Film Recipes for Golden Hour as well.

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