Winter Magic, designed by Tobias Gruber

A Clasic Negative film recipe for winter time, created by Tobias Gruber

Here’s a wonderful guest recipe, devised by Tobias Gruber, a member of our photographer community on the Film Recipes Facebook Group.

He took a trip into the snowy forests, with his X-S10 camera, equiped with a Fujinon 23mm f1.4 lens. The film recipe used was such a success, that Tobias shared the results in the group and named it Winter Magic.

I’m so pleased to be able to share this with you here, along with a selection of Tobias’ photos that show off the winter friendly aesthetic of his recipe. I love the balance of Classic Negative tones with a neutrality that doesn’t overpower the scene. I know that you’ll love it too.

A natural look in the snowy forest, Winter Magic film recipe

Winter Magic Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Classic Negative
  • Grain Effect: Off
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Strong
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Weak
  • White Balance: 6150K
  • WB Shift: -1 Red, -2 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR100
  • Highlights: -0.5
  • Shadows: +1.0
  • Color: +1
  • Sharpness: -2
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: 0
  • EV compensation: 0
Coated with recent snowfall, with the Winter Magic film recipe
When was the last time you tried a see-saw? Winter Magic film recipe
Classic Negative reds. All part of the Winter Magic film recipe
Dark rubber and white snow, captured with Winter Magic film recipe
A fixed colour temperature allows teh mood to change with the light
Frosted oak leaves, using the Winter Magic film recipe
Frost details, captured with Winter Magic film recipe at 23mm
A decaying log, captured with the Winter Magic film recipe
Yellow flowers, laden with snow. Winter Magic film recipe

It’s a great pleasure to host this recipe, and the other guest recipes on this site. If you have an idea for a new look that you’d like to share, then do stop by the Film Recipes Facebook Group and share your work with our enthusiastic community.

➡️ The Film Recipes Challenge is now on! Shoot with the recent look, Age of Aquarius, and share your photos, either in the Facebook group or the recipe page comments. The deadline is end of Feb 15th. Everyone is welcome, from all around the world! For inspiration, see previous galleries. ➡️ The Film Recipes Facebook Group is a great place to share film recipes, ask questions and join the challenge.

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