Mother Superia User Photo Gallery

Another round of the Film Recipes Challege comes to an end, and it’s time to take a look at the wonderful image submissions by the readers of the site and Film Recipes Facebook Group. This time around, the recipe was Mother Superia, a classic negative recipe with Fujicolor Superia stylings.

As always, I hope that you’ll see these galleries and join in with the next challenge. The details are in the box below.

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Joining a recipe challenge is really easy, and photographers of all ages and abilities are welcomed. You can share photos with the current challenge recipe, either on the Film Recipes Facebook Group, or in the comments section of the challenge recipe page. If you camera isn’t compatible with the recipe in full, you can even try to adapt it and enter with your own version!

Here are a selection of images shared as part of the Mother Superia challenge, which ran in December 2022.

Mother Superia by Darren Urda (1 of 3)

Darren really got the photography bug with this challenge and shared over 40 images with the Facebook Group. Here’s my first selection from his images.

Mother Superia by Lincoln Luke Chanis

Here’s a really interesting submission, with a variety of indoor and night time shots shared by Lincoln Luke Chanis, from Malaysia.

Mother Superia by Sabrina Magnusson

Sabrina is a regular contribution, sharing images from Denmark. This time around there was a dusting of snow, adding another level of interest to this gallery of Mother Superia shots.

Mother Superia by TheCameraEatsFirst

Another snapper braving the winter cold, was TheCameraEatsFirst who captured a chilly selection of icy and foggy scenes.

Mother Superia by Tony Beavers

There’s a seasonal feel to the photos captured by Tony, with hints of autumn and winter throughout. I really love the reds in this selection.

Mother Superia by Chuck Riley

These next two submissions were sent in separately, but both share a common theme. They include wonderful images of kids in a play park, and in there are some wonderful yellows, picked up by the film recipe.

Mother Superia by Sam Robbins

A different park on a different day, but another charming set of family photos. I love the sense of fun and energy in these images.

Mother Superia by Ana Flavia Feliciano (1 of 2)

Ana was straight out of the block with Mother Superia, sharing images taken when the recipe was first released. This first selection feature her handsome cat.

Mother Superia by Adrian Martinez

I enjoyed Adrian’s selection of gloomy weather shots, but especially the shot of his dog, who really seems to be waiting for the rain to pass.

Mother Superia by David Roberts

David took his camera to the streets for this challenge series, and sent in some candid captures of people going about their lives.

Mother Superia by Darren Urda (2 of 3)

Here’s a second selection, taken from the bumper submission of photos featuring the summer greens of Australia.

Mother Superia by Gordon Ovenshine

Each time Gorden enters our challenges, he shares a little bit more of the sceneic side of Pennsylvania. I love the colour of these creamy wooden buildings.

Mother Superia by Ana Flavia Feliciano (2 of 2)

In this second selection from Ana, we see some street photography from her Sydney neighbourhood, and a bit of strong sunlight that those of us in the North are seeing so little of right now.

Mother Superia by Sam Peterson

Back to the colder weather again. I love the mood of this selection of wintry scenes that capture the turn of the seasons in a beautiful way.

Mother Superia by Darren Urda (3 of 3)

To finish up our Mother Superia user gallery, I’ve chosen another set from Darren’s submissions. He tried the recipe in all sorts of conditions and locations, giving us another glimpse of the scenery of Australia.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all our gallery contributors, and I know you’ll agree that the images are fantastic. The next step is for you to join in, and share your images in the next Film Recipes Challenge. See you then!