Vinterkrom, Classic Chrome for Wintertime

Winter film recipe based on Classic Chrome for cinematic cool on the X100V

A few days ago, I published the Vinterskog film recipe, bringing moody cinematic teal blue tones to winter and autumn scenes. I’m super excited about how the recipe came out, and just love shooting with it.

However, Vinterskog is based upon Eterna Bleach Bypass, which is not available on many popular Fujifilm cameras, including the all star X100V. So, I wanted to see if I could get close to the same look using a more widely available film simulation.

Vinterskog (left) with Bleach Bypass, Vinterkrom (right) with Classic Chrome

Classic Chrome to the rescue. Here’s my adaptation of the cool cinematic tones of the misty winter forests, rebuilt using this favourite film simulation.

Wintry coolness with teal shadow tone, Vinterkrom film recipe

Vinterkrom Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Classic Chrome
  • Grain Effect: Weak, Small
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Strong
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: Auto
  • WB Shift: -3 Red, -2 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR400
  • Highlights: 0.0
  • Shadows: +1.0
  • Color: -1
  • Sharpness: 0
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: -4 (this will slow down saving, but it’s important 🙂
  • EV compensation: 0

View the original Vinterskog film recipe with Eterna Bleach Bypass.

❄️️ Take a look at the amazing Vinter Challenge Gallery, featuring reader photos using the Vinterskog and Vinterkrom recipes. ❄️️

Frosted heather, captured with the Vinterkrom film recipe
Made for gloomy conditions, Vinterkrom film recipe
A pre-dawn sky, captured with the Vinterkrom film recipe
Trees appearing from the mist, captured by Vinterkrom film recipe
In the misty woods, using Vinterkrom film recipe
The last autumn leaves in early December, Vinterkrom film recipe
A late autumn sunrise, captured with Vinterkrom film recipe
Vinterkrom film recipe brings out a teal blue tone in frosty shadows
Frosty coatings, captured using Vinterkrom film recipe
Wet weather is no barrier for the Vinterkrom film recipe
Mellow autumn colour, with the Vinterkrom film recipe
In the damp winter woodlands, Vinterkrom film recipe
Enjoy taking photos, but don’t get run over! Vinterkrom film recipe
Snow and ice arrived in the UK in December, Vinterkrom film recipe
Drive slowly on the smaller roads … Vinterkrom film recipe
Scenes from a winter field, taken with Vinterkrom film recipe
Catkins in the hedgerow, with Vinterkrom film recipe
A cold morning with frost on the grass, Vinterkrom film recipe
The New Forest ponies are out in the sunshine, Vinterkrom film recipe
There is still grass to be found, Vinterkrom film recipe
Sunlit winter leaves, copper and teal with Vinterkrom film recipe
The teal blue tones of Vinterkrom film recipe using Classic Chrome

More Teal Toned Film Recipes

The Vinterkrom film recipe has a teal tone in the neutrals, and especially the sky. This is thanks to the Classic Chrome simulation and adjusted colour balance. Here are a few other recipes that share this feature.


☀️ For this round of The Film Recipes Challenge the recipe is Cineplus, bold Classic Chrome with subtle retro vibes. It’s great in the gloom or bright light and with colourful subjects. Join in by taking some images and share in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or in the recipe page comments. Open to everyone, until 22nd June. Tag #cineplus 😊

6 responses to “Vinterkrom, Classic Chrome for Wintertime”

  1. Thank you!. Thank you for producing this recipe for those of us without access to Eterna Bleach Bypass!

    This is going straight into my custom presets position 1!

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  2. Posting from Albania. On holiday here for the second time (even though it was not my choice hah!).

    01 –
    02 –
    03 –
    04 –
    05 –
    06 –
    07 –
    08 –
    09 –
    10 –
    11 –
    12 –
    13 –
    14 –

    Can you let me know which new recipe is next? So I can load it into the camera and start using it today. Thanks.


  3. Oh man, have no words to describe how happy I am with founding your site. I think I have experienced whole recipes from “fujixweekly” and your site is a truly gem for all of us. A million thanks, your work deserves a lot of respect!

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