Goldeneye User Photo Gallery

I produce quite a lot of film recipes, and it’s not always possible to predict which ones are going to get the big positive responses. Sometimes, I am sure I’ve made a hit, but there is only a small response. However, some, like Goldeneye are received really well from the beginning.

With Goldeneye, I saw positive feedback time after time that I shared it, so I had a feeling we’d see a big entry as a challenge recipe. Honestly, it was amazing, and easily the biggest selection of images so far (over 100!). A huge thanks to all contributors who have helped build this user gallery.

Embrace a film-like look and join in with the Film Recipes Challenge 📸 Take photos with the Flatpack film recipe, and share them in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. This recipe is based on film prints in a matte low contrast style. Join in from where you live with a deadline of end of 29th March. #flatpack 👍

If you’d like to join in a recipe challenge, it’s really easy to do. Fujifilm film recipe photographers can share photos with the current challenge recipe, either on the Film Recipes Facebook Group, or in the comments section of the challenge recipe page.

Goldeneye by Robert Hajek

I’m a sucker for a sunset over the water, and in this series, Robert captures a wonderful sky, golden tones and some boats that add subject interest as well.

Goldeneye by Peter Hui (1/2)

Peter submitted pictures throughout the challenge, with these two trypych shots a wonderful blast of autumn colour.

More from Peter further down the page.

Goldeneye by Gordon Ovenshine

Gordon has been sharing images in our Facebook Group from his home area of Pennsylvania. Fall color is starting to take hold for some lovely images.

Goldeneye by Tim Raisbeck

Tim also contributes image selections to our Facebook Group and grabbed these relaxing scenes from where he lives. I love the moody trees.

Goldeneye by TheCameraEatsFirst (1/2)

One of our regular contributors, TheCameraEatsFirst has outdone herself this time with woodland shots and holiday scenes (in a second grouping below). Goldeneye has brought these Autumn scenes to life.

Goldeneye by Dana Kamens

Dana submitted a pretty selection of images back with the Goldeneye recipe was first released, and I have been holding on to them to share in this gallery.

Goldeneye by Ana Flavia Feliciano

Ana told us that it was raining in Sydney on the day she went shooting with Goldeneye, and she captured this clever image through a rainy window.

With it’s beer like looks, Ana received a ‘cheers’ from around the other side of the world …

Goldeneye by Mehdi Berrada

Mehdi creates recipes and often contributes in the film recipe and simulations groups with samples and ideas. He responded to Ana’s ‘beer’ window with a beer of his own …

Take a look at Mehdi’s guest recipe on this site.

Goldeneye by Marcel Fraij

Another regular contributor and recipe creator, Marcel paired Goldeneye with his mono recipe, Blck (scroll to recipe 9). His use of flash created a paler interpretation of the recipe, and a beautiful creative style.

Goldeneye by Thocles

Street scenes from Warsaw are back again, thanks to regular contributor Thocles. In this tour, we see an urban and transport focus once again, and some scenes from a protest march outside the Russian Embassy.

Goldeneye by Grant Teng

Grant takes his photos in the Philippines, and said that he was keen to share how Goldeneye looked in a tropical climate. I think it’s looking great.

In a second submission, Grant shared these creative image pairings. Aren’t they wonderful?

You can find guest recipes created by Grant on our user content page.

Goldeneye by TheCameraEatsFirst (2/2)

From vacation in Lanzarote, these destination shots with Goldeneye give a warm and rich look to this tour of the volcanic island.

Goldeneye by Peter Hui (2/2)

In overcast conditions, Goldeneye can produce a strong caramel tone, and in this second selection of woodland details, Peter shows us this aspect of the recipe really well.

And, just when we thought we’d seen as much bold autumn colour as possible, Peter sent in these two wonderful fall color shots with gorgeous views of red and orange turning trees from Ontario, Canada.

Well, how about that for a fantastic user gallery of the Goldeneye film recipe! It was a true pleasure to sort through and collate these lovely images, and a thrill as always to see scenes from all around the world.

If you missed this challenge, don’t worry. Join us in the Film Recipes Facebook Group where the latest challenge will be running, or spend some time and check out the other user photo galleries from previous rounds of the challenge.