Documentary, to Capture Life As It Is

Fujifilm X-Trans 4 film simulation recipe using Classic Chrome

For a natural look that isn’t overly stylised, this recipe uses Classic Chrome with only minor adjustments to the base settings. This allows you to capture life as it is, shooting the world around you in a documentary style.

In a way, the small adjustments do pull against the Classic Chrome simulation, bringing it back closer to neutral, with a slight warming and small boost to colour. But, with the values of all settings being small, the personality of Classic Chrome is still the defining characteristic of this recipe.

Natural tones are a feature of the Documentary film recipe

Documentary Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Classic Chrome
  • Grain Effect: Off
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Off
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: Auto
  • WB Shift: +2 Red, -2 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR200
  • Highlights: -0.5
  • Shadows: -0.5
  • Colour: +1
  • Sharpness: +1
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: 0
  • EV compensation: +1/3
Classic chrome skies, but not overly teal, with Documentary recipe
Winter feed in the barn, taken with Documentary film recipe
Shady green scene, captured with Documentary film recipe
Down by the brook, photographed with Documentary film recipe
Honeysuckle, captured with Documentary film recipe
Getting ready to kite surf, with Documentary film recipe
Empty beach on a cooler day, Documentary film recipe
Flying the flag, with the Documentary film recipe
A local field, flush with spring green. Documentary recipe
Summer at the now faded field, with the Documentary film recipe
Woodland footpath, captured with Documentary film recipe
Pale green flower buds, taken with Documentary film recipe
River view, with the Documentary film recipe
Spotted! She saw me and ran away. Documentary film recipe
A rainy day view, with Documentary film recipe

Classic Chrome Film Recipes

The Classic Chrome film simulation has been present on Fujifilm cameras for several years, and there are a wide range of film recipes to choose from. Some of the most popular replicate Kodak Film styles, including these five on this site.

The other stylistic trend with Classic Chrome is to produce nostalgic looks for a more sentimental style of photography. These often include softer contrast, warm tones and a grainy look. Here are a few popular choices.

  • Retrochrome – A mellow toned style based on 1970s vibes
  • Retrochrome Plus – A recipe to bring out Classic Chrome toning
  • Cinechrome – A aged look with cinematic tones
  • Yakisugi – Mellow and refined guest recipe, by Medhi Berrada
  • Toasty Chrome – Warmly nostalgic Classic Chrome tones

☀️ For this round of The Film Recipes Challenge the recipe is Cineplus, bold Classic Chrome with subtle retro vibes. It’s great in the gloom or bright light and with colourful subjects. Join in by taking some images and share in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or in the recipe page comments. Open to everyone, until 22nd June. Tag #cineplus 😊

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