Film Recipes

This collection of film simulation recipes for Fujifilm X-Trans IV and V cameras brings together settings in nostalgic and retro inspired styles, sometimes reflective of 35mm films by Fujifilm or Kodak, but also muted and soft tones approaches.

What’s a film recipe?Which cameras do these work with?

If you like atmospheric, emotional or sentimental photography, there will be plenty here for you to enjoy. Most of the film recipes have a mellow warmth for a softer style of photography, straight out of camera with no extra editing.

🌊 Let’s get creative in this new round of The Film Recipes Challenge 🏄 The recipe is the burned and faded look, Childhood Vacation, which loves to be over exposed. Try some images and share a selection in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. Open to everyone, until end of 8th June. Tag #childhoodvacation ☀️

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What is a Film Recipe?

Users of Fujifilm X-series can load combinations of settings into their cameras that allow shooting in a variety of styles. The settings include a choice of built in film simulation mode, the white balance and adjustments to the tone curve, sharpness and saturation. These saved setting combinations are known as film recipes. Their big advantage over traditional raw shooting, is that the images can be used directly from the camera with no further editing in expensive software.

If you are new, why not try the Film Recipes Starter Pack?

Which cameras do these recipes work with?

Because I only own an X-S10, these recipes are designed for recent X-Trans IV cameras, such as X-T4, X-S10, X-T30 II and X-E4. The recipes that don’t use Eterna Bleach Bypass should also be compatible with X-Pro3 and X100V. Many can be tried on other models by skipping or adapting any settings that your camera doesn’t have. They should also be fully compatilble with the new X-Trans V cameras, such as the X-H2 or X-T5.

Who made these recipes?

Except where stated, these recipes are created or adapted by Justin Gould. Creation is often an iterative process, with one recipe leading to another, so when another person’s recipe was the inspiration, it’s mentioned on the recipe pages. If there are similar recipes on this or other sites, links are provided so you can compare them.

More places to find Film Recipes

  • Fuji X Weekly – The premier film recipe site, by Ritchie Roesch, with over 200 recipes and popular phone apps. Reproducing film stock is a recurrent theme, so this is the place to seek out those 35mm looks.
  • Piotr’s Recipes – An extensive collection of film inspired recipes by Piotr Skrzypek. Sections for all sensors and a wide choice, give something for every situation.
  • Captn Look – A fabulous collection of warm and emotional recipes to show just how much can be achieved straight out of camera using film recipes. Inspiring stuff by Immanuel Sander.
  • F16 Kevin Mullins – Shoot like a pro with this selection of expressive film recipes inspired by professional photographers.
  • Øyvind Nordhagen – Styles inspired by respected photographers and contemporary styles, created in Oslo, for use everywhere.
  • Joe D’Agostino – 7 useful film recipes including Kodak films such as Kodachrome 64 and Portra 400.
  • Marcel Fraij – Inspiring selection of colour and mono recipes, including a personal favourite of mine, C201.
  • Life, Unintended – 7 excellent film recipes from Luís Costa, that bring out the character of Fujifilm’s film simulation.
  • Jamie Chance Travels – A tried and tested selection of stylish recipes from this respected travel photographer.
  • One Camera, One Lens – An extensive collection of recipes by Mark Adams for both series III and IV sensors, including Leica styles.
  • Shutter Gang – Impactful recipe styles inspired by travel and street scenes, plus reviews of recipes from elsewhere.
  • Ivan Yolo – Some great film recipes, (Nomadic Mood is a personal favourite) but tricky to access with content timers and ads 😦
  • Craig Bergonzoni – A collection of recipes with bolder colours and stronger effects, supporting older cameras too.
  • Fuji X Weekly Community Recipes – An ever expanding selection of user created recipes, including several from this site. Submit your own favourites to grow the community.
  • Recipe Collection – Mark R’s collated list of recipes from a wide variety of sources, including all those YouTube videos you don’t have time to watch.

If you are new to Fujifilm, you’ll soon discover that there is an active film simulation and film recipe community, with a number of excellent recipe collections and social groups to explore.

Film Recipe Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are member only discussion spaces, with posts and chat on the group theme. You need to request to join the groups, but that process is painless and quick.

  • OUR GROUP: The Film Recipes Facebook Group is our Facebook group that supports this website. It’s growing fast, with thousands of active members. Come and share your photos taken with film recipes and see the new recipes as they are launched.
  • Fujifilm Film Simulation SOOC – Another active group, also showcasing recipe galleries and discussion. Mark Adams and Piotr Skrzypek are to be found here. Some overlap with the first group, but it’s worth joining both so you don’t miss anything. (SOOC stands for Straight out of Camera, by the way).
  • Fujifilm Film Simulations Group – Biggest of the sim and recipe groups by number of members, but the quality of content is often lower than in the above two groups.

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  • Justin’s Instagram – Soft tone landscape photography from my home area of Hampshire and the New Forest in the UK. Most of the shots are Fujifilm, although you’ll also find some edits and drone shots on the there too.