Olympus Trip 35, Retro Rangefinder Recipe

Classic Negative film recipe inspired by prints from an Olympus Trip 35 camera

Inspiration for my film recipes comes from all sorts of places, but I particularly enjoy looking at photos taken with 35mm film cameras and seeing the results. One of our regular film recipe challenge contibutors, David Forsdike, recently shared a set of images he took on an old Olympus Trip 35 camera.

I’ve always liked this little camera, with is compact form and simple classic form factor in a rangefinder stlye.

In many ways it’s ideal, with easy controls that just let you take photos without the pressure of too many settings and functions.

David took his Olympus Trip out for a photo session, capturing, developing and sharing the images he took. Here’s a few to give you the idea …

These lovely images were taken in and around Narbonne in France, and David used Fujifilm 200 film in bright and sunny Springtime conditions.

In order to build a film recipe, I started to try and match certain characteristics of the images. Within the gallery there was quite a bit of variation, so I first decided to work from the ones (like those above), with a red shift and magenta cast to the blues.

With a Fujifillm film stock, I picked Classic Negative as the film simulation, and then explored colour balance and shift settings to get the main feel of the colour tone. The other main element was heavy grain, which I also added with a strong, large setting. With these main elements and tweaks to try and bring a little of the softness and nostalgia to the images too, I settled on the below film recipe.

It’s not a perfect match, but within the range of settings we have on our cameras, I feel it has captured the spirit of these nostalgic images and the analog feel of shooting in the 60s and 70s with rangefinders on basic 35mm film.

In the village of Simonskall, Germany. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe

Olympus Trip 35 Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Classic Negative
  • Grain Effect: Strong, Large
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Weak
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: Daylight
  • WB Shift: +6 Red, +2 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR200
  • Highlights: -2.0
  • Shadows: +1.0
  • Color: +2
  • Sharpness: -4
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: +2
  • EV compensation: +1/3

In David’s prints we took a tour of Narbonne, France. Fo rmy recipe interpretation, come along with me on a walk in the Eifel region of Germany. Let’s go …

The buildings date from the 1600s. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Wooden building crest, with Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
That’s a very old building! Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
A walk around the lake, with the retro look of Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Autumn leaves and spring flowers, with the Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
A pine branch, with the lake behind. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
A goose swims along, captured with Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
A butterfly saoks up some sun, Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
A rain shower leaves drops on the old seeds, Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Water droplet hanging from a twig, Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Spring blossoms are starting to show. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
The modern world is close by though. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Just enough wind for a gentle sailing trip. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Or take the tourist boat and see the sights. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
At the end of a day, with golden sun. Olympus Trip 35 film recipe
Sunny day blue skies, with my Olympus Trip 35 film recipe

🌊 Let’s get creative in this new round of The Film Recipes Challenge 🏄 The recipe is the burned and faded look, Childhood Vacation, which loves to be over exposed. Try some images and share a selection in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. Open to everyone, until end of 8th June. Tag #childhoodvacation ☀️

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