Classic Negative Film Recipes

Film recipes using the Classic Negative film simulation

Newer Fujifilm cameras feature the Classic Negative film simulation that brings a 35mm Fujicolor Superia look to your photos. Characteristics include rich reds and a nostalgic tone to greens, which are shifted towards blue in tone and have a deeper contrast.

For film recipes, the Classic Negative base helps in the design of film-like settings, but also works really well as a starting point for creamy and peachy tone recipes for photography in the golden hour.

Best ones? I love Soft Negative, Goldeneye and Restore from Backup.


Classic Negative Film Recipes

☀️ For this round of The Film Recipes Challenge the recipe is Cineplus, bold Classic Chrome with subtle retro vibes. It’s great in the gloom or bright light and with colourful subjects. Join in by taking some images and share in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or in the recipe page comments. Open to everyone, until 22nd June. Tag #cineplus 😊

More Classic Negative Film Recipes

For film recipes that aim to replicate the style of Fujicolor print stock, the Classic Negative film simulation is a perfect base. Fuji X Weekly in particular has created a wide range of these.

Fujicolor Film Recipes from FujiXWeekly

Other Excellent Classic Negative Film Recipes

Aside from Fujicolor looks, there are a number of really wonderful recipes available that use Classic Negative as the underlying simulation. Here are some top choices from different recipe sites.

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