Warm Tones Film Recipes

Film recipes with a warm colour balance

Nostalgic and sentimental mood photography often feature a warm colour balance. This gives a cosy glow to the light in your images and allows the warm temperature of pleasant mood of a scene to shine through. Here are the film recipes that feature a medium to strong warm colour balance, with positive red and negative blue shifts. A related category is the film recipes for golden hour.

This is one of the longest ‘shortlists’ on the site, so let me narrow it down a bit. I ahve some favourites here, such as Vintage Kodachrome, Copper and Nostalgic Fujicolor. In terms of site readers, the most popular warm recipe is Goldeneye.


Warm and Cosy Film Simulation Recipes

🌊 Let’s get creative in this new round of The Film Recipes Challenge 🏄 The recipe is the burned and faded look, Childhood Vacation, which loves to be over exposed. Try some images and share a selection in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or the comments on the recipe page. Open to everyone, until end of 8th June. Tag #childhoodvacation ☀️

More Warm & Cosy Recipes

Some of these recipes overlap with the list of cream tones film recipes where the warm tones show in neutrals as a creamy tone. The warm tone recipes in general are the warmest of all, boosting sunsets an golden hour for additional cosy mood. Here are a selection or warm recipes from other sites.

Recipes by Captn Look

One of my inspirations when creating recipes is Captn Look (Immanuel Sander), whose collection of recipes is hugely creative and a wonderful demonstration of what is possible with our Fujifilm cameras.

  • Cheers – warm and contrasty, excellent for travel
  • Indian Summer – with a warm balance for sunny days
  • Nature Neon – your outdoor exploration companion

Immanuel also uses an FLD filter on some of his recipes…

Other Warm Film Recipes

Apart from this site, and Captn Look, a place to find warm recipes is FujiXWeekly, where Ritchie Roesch has a couple of notable ones within his collection.

YouTube based Warm Film Recipes

Although YT drives me nuts with all the ads, I know that some creators use it to help monetise their efforts and present their recipes and process in a more interactive way. Here are a few warm and toasty film recipes, presented on YouTube.

  • ReggieChrome – a beautiful CC recipe by Reggie Ballesteros
  • Dela Rosa – the warmest of Kebs Cayabyab’s street recipes
  • Goldie Eterna – warm sunset tones from Eddie Orr

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