Retrochrome Plus for Contrast + Retro

Nostalgic vintage Kodachrome look for Fujifilm X-Trans IV cameras

When you really want to max out the retro vibe and take the Kodachrome aesthetic to another level, you need Retrochrome Plus film recipe.

Reminiscent of the Kodakchrome II recipe on FujiXWeekly, but with the mellow tone taken even further, this recipe is great in bright sunshine, wonderful with blue skies, and adds creamy drama tones to everything else.

The retro vibe of Retrochrome Plus, captured in a single image

Retrochrome Plus Film Recipe

  • Simulation: Classic Chrome
  • Grain Effect: Weak, Small
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Strong
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: 8000K
  • WB Shift: +1 Red, +5 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR400
  • Highlights: 0
  • Shadows: +2
  • Colour: -4
  • Sharpness: -2
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: 0
  • EV compensation: +1/3
Local sailing club boats coming home, Retrochrome Plus
Bringing in the boat, taken with Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Coast Redwoods in the New Forest, with Retrochrome Plus
Looking up
Spring beech leaves
Sunlit leaves with a mellow tone, taken with Retrochrome Plus
Spring blues, shifted to purple by Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Summer seed head, captured with Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Collecting nectar, photographed with Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Creamy tones and drama, with Retrochrome Plus film recipe
A shady scene is dramatic, with Retrochrome Plus
Baby oak tree
Spring fern emerging
A walk in the woods, with Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Dramatic shadows, like old slides. Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Punchy sunset drama, taken with Retrochrome Plus film recipe
Last of the sunlight, captured with Retrochrome Plus film recipe

More Retro Style Film Recipes

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☀️ For this round of The Film Recipes Challenge the recipe is Cineplus, bold Classic Chrome with subtle retro vibes. It’s great in the gloom or bright light and with colourful subjects. Join in by taking some images and share in the Film Recipes Facebook Group or in the recipe page comments. Open to everyone, until 22nd June. Tag #cineplus 😊

4 responses to “Retrochrome Plus for Contrast + Retro”

  1. It’s saved in the camera but can’t go to the woods to try it out. It’s been so bloody, insanely hot recently.

    PS: I like the new drop-down menu and direct links.


    • I know what you mean. I went out after 8:30pm on Monday, and it was still pretty hot. Much better today though.
      Thanks for the note about the new navigation. I’m gradually improving the structure of things to make finding recipes easier, so I appreciate you mentioning it. There will be over 100 recipes eventually, so it’ll really help. Good luck with shooting over the next few days!


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