Film Recipes for Urban Exploration

I was asked by a film recipe user if I had any recipes for Urbex? I gave this some thought, and realised that many Urban Exploration recipes have certain characteristics, and that some of my recipes shared these too.

So, whilst I’ve only made a couple of recipes specifically with urban exploration in mind, here are my picks for recipes that could work well for exploring cities and urban or industrial areas.

If you want a couple to start with, why not try Grant Teng’s recipes, Manila Chrome and Manila Sun?


Urbex Film Recipes for City Photo Walks

More Film Recipes for Urbex

Here are a few recipes that I’ve seen used for city & industrial shots.

  • Chrome Urban – Versatile Classic Chrome from Jamie Chance
  • Fujicolor Natura 1600 – great for urbex & abandoned places, FXW
  • OWH Street – Øyvind Nordhagen’s recipe for street photography
  • The Big Negative – (YouTube) A great look for urbex & street
  • Grizzly Ride – Fab for urbex, with a gritty look, from Captn Look
  • Roman Sun – warm and contrasty tones by Evan Lewis on the Fujifilm Film Simulations Facebook Group (you need to be a member to see it).
  • Kodacolor C II – a cool & controlled recipe from Piotr Skrzypek

Urbex Inspiration

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