Cinematone for a Moody Netflix Look

X-Trans IV film simulation recipe with moody Eterna tones

When you stream the latest shows, do you notice when they have a moody colour tone? We watched a legal crime drama show recently and there was a distinct cool vibe to the picture, which I thought would be fun to try and make in a film recipe.

Here’s my Cinematone film recipe, based on the Eterna Cinema film simulation. I’ve set a cooler tone with a -1, -2 colour shift and kept things muted but useable with the other settings.

I think this might take some amazing city photos and street life shots, and it can work in any weather. It’s another great example of how flexible Fujifilm film simulations are, giving a moody feel to all sorts of scenes, including my snaps of our local area.

It’s a different look to my other cinematic recipes, Cinemachrome and Arthouse Cinema, although there are some similarities. Whichever you choose, have fun shooting in a cool movie show style.

Moody TV drama tones, from the Cinematone film recipe

Cinematone Film Recipe for Movie Mood

  • Simulation: Eterna/Cinema
  • Grain Effect: Weak, Small
  • Colour Chrome Effect: Weak
  • Colour Chrome Blue: Strong
  • White Balance: Auto
  • WB Shift: -1 Red, -2 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR400
  • Highlights: -1
  • Shadows: +3
  • Colour: +2
  • Sharpness: -1
  • ISO Noise Reduction: -4
  • Clarity: 0
  • EV compensation: +1/3
Cat as leading lady, taken with Cinematone film recipe
Setting for a murder mystery? Taken with Cinematone film recipe
Those movie style clouds, taken with the Cinematone film recipe
Low tide … good to find evidence. Taken with Cinematone film recipe
Butterfly bush with muted colour from the Cinematone film recipe
Looking through the trees, with the Cinematone film recipe
Time for a close up, with the Cinematone film recipe
Even in sunlight, you get mood with the Cinematone film recipe

Did you know? The Film Recipes Facebook Group is a great place to share film recipes, ask questions and join the latest challenge. Join in the fun! The December round of the Film Recipe Challenge is now on … shoot with Mother Superia film recipe and share your photos, either in the Facebook group or in the recipe page comments. End date is Dec 15th.

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