Vintage Mood User Images Gallery

In the first part of September, the Vintage Mood film recipe was the feature film recipe for the user photos challenge. Here are a selection of the images submitted to the site with Vintage Mood.

If you’d like to join in a recipe challenge, it’s really easy to do. Fujifilm film recipe photographers can share photos with the current challenge recipe, either on the Film Recipes Facebook Group, or in the comments section of the recipe page. Here’s the info on the latest challenge …

➡️ The Film Recipes Challenge is now on! Shoot with the recent look, Age of Aquarius, and share your photos, either in the Facebook group or the recipe page comments. The deadline is end of Feb 15th. Everyone is welcome, from all around the world! For inspiration, see previous galleries. ➡️ The Film Recipes Facebook Group is a great place to share film recipes, ask questions and join the challenge.

Vintage Mood by Marcel Fraij

Marcel is a regular contributor, and a recipe creator. You can see many examples of his work in our Facebook group.

These first four images were taken with a vintage lens, further enhancing the soft retro look of the film recipe.

Vintage Mood by TheCameraEatsFrst

Autumn is on the way, and the first signs are wonderfully captured in this series of images.

Thank you to the photographers who joined in the Vintage Mood challenge in September! As always, the images were wonderful and a pleasure to see, and add a new dimension to the images on the Vintage Mood recipe page.

If you missed this challenge, don’t worry. Join us in the Film Recipes Facebook Group where the latest challenge will be running.