Arthouse Cinema User Gallery

In the second half of August, 2022, the Arthouse Cinema film recipe challenge was running. Fujifilm photographers were invited to share photos with the recipe, either on the Film Recipes Facebook Group, or in the comments section of the recipe page.

It’s always so exciting to see the photos, with little glimpses of different parts of the world, and the different styles of our excellent community. Here are a selection of images from this round of the challenge. A huge thanks to everyone that took part.

Arthouse Cinema by TheCameraEatsFirst (1/2)

A wonderful early autumn feel came across in this set of images, which I have split into two blocks. It’s a great recipe for mellow fall season tones.

Arthouse Cinema by Furkan Erkoç (1/2)

Furkan posted two excellent sets of images with Arthouse Cinema, including these roadside photos with fabulous reds in the Turkish flags.

Arthouse Cinema by Ken MacGray

Ken is often walking in the woods, and in this selection he used Arthouse Cinema to capture mellow green tones.

Arthouse Cinema by Thocles

True to form, Thocles shares with us a tour of Warsaw with Arthouse Cinema. Look out for the double exposures … aren’t they cool?

Arthouse Cinema by Furkan Erkoç (2/2)

Here’s a wonderful way to use a film recipe like Arthouse Cinema. In this series, a vintage lens adds a unique dimension to the images.

Arthouse Cinema by TheCameraEatsFirst (2/2)

In this second selection, TheCameraEatsFirst has captured the changing mood of the forest as autumn approaches. It’s a lovely mellow look.

Arthouse Cinema by Hugh Jones

A special mention for Hugh, who shoots with his X-E3. This camera has an X-Trans III sensor, so Hugh adapted the recipe to fit his camera and give as close a look as he was able to.

I think this is a great thing to do, and I would always recommend owners of the other Fujifilm cameras to give recipes a try, adapting them to enjoy their own version of the look.

Thank you to all the photographers who joined in the Arthouse Cinema challenge in August! As always, the images were wonderful and a pleasure to see.

If you missed this challenge, don’t worry. Join us in the Film Recipes Facebook Group where the latest challenge will be running.